Neue Mälzerei, Berlin, Germany

See on the map - Lindenstraße 85, Kreuzberg 10969 Berlin The day centre Neue Mälzerei is compact and exclusive. Three halls and three seminar rooms are available on 800 square metres of event surface. The two dome halls are the special highlights of this location in which 100 years ago the malt was dried for the beer production. Squarely in their form, with 5-m-high, arched covers, they create a unique space experience. Original brick walls are found there just as in the plenary hall and in the seminar rooms. Adaptable walls permit different variants: small or bigger seminar rooms, exhibition or catering space. Anew since 2009: the café in the ground floor with noble marble floor. Here up to 100 guests can enjoy a cultivated gala dinner. The adjoining outside terrace offers 75 seats. Green meetings Green meetings are a new trend. From now on the conference centre Neue Mälzerei also offers the possibility to meet friendly to climate. CO2 issues originate in every event, e.g., from journey traffic and energy consumption. The purchase of issue decrease certificates of checked climate protection projects compensates the originating issues. A climate calculator determines the specific issues CO2 of an event. By the compensation the event receives the status of the "climate neutrality". The stream which comes exclusively from renewable energy sources as well as drinks and dishes with products from ecological cultivation make the green conference complete. History The listed building of the Neue Mälzerei belonged to the Brauerei Böhmisches Brauhaus and was built in 1899. At the end of the 19th century the Böhmische Brauhaus was the brewery with the biggest production capacity in Berlin. Here the first ice maker was put up by Linde and the first beer transport car was used in Berlin. Moreover, a restoration with halls and a beer garden with approx. 2,000 places belonged to the brewery. With end of the war in 1945 the buildings of the brewery were destroyed or damaged to a great extent. The beer production was not taken up again in this location. The brewery area served as the biggest wine camp of the GDR, the building of the former Mälzerei as a wharehouse. After the political turn the Neue Mälzerei was restored as the first construction of a „Forum Friedrichshain“ and was developed exclusively.