The Lochkov Lofts, Прага, Чехия

Lochkov Lofts - the reconstruction of old brewery Development companies Euro Ventures and Itaka have decided to join forces to implement the Lochkov Lofts residential project located on the outskirts of Prague, south-west of the city. The renovated buildings of the former brewery in the city district of Lochkov, located only 13 kilometres from the centre of the capital, offer 73 residential units in a tranquil green area. They are designed for those who require a high standard of comfort at a reasonable price while at the same time, long for atypical living with a distinctive atmosphere. Some 73 apartments with an original design will be created in May 2011 in Lochkov in the city district of Prague 5 through the sensitive renovation of a derelict brewery. The entire complex consists of four buildings surrounded by green areas which will offer apartments ranging in size from 30 m2 to 125 m2, 1+kk to 5+kk and 8 studios. The original three buildings will be renovated and, in the case of two of the buildings, an extension will be built in keeping with the traditional architecture. The complex will also feature on new building. Some of the apartments have terraces and balconies; select ground floor apartments have front gardens. The layout of the buildings into a square-shaped complex with an inner courtyard creates a natural, enclosed complex which provides residents with privacy and security. Our aim is to preserve as far as possible the original architectural features in keeping with modern architecture. We respect the character of the period to the maximum extent possible. Therefore we will cautiously renovate the brewery towers with their brick chimneys, the building and location\' s landmark, and they will become the heart of the entire project. We want to offer the future residents of Lochkov Lofts comfortable living which is only a short distance from the centre of the capital but has the hallmark of originality and exceptionality. About Project The Lochkov Lofts residential project is to be created in the picturesque countryside south-west of Prague at the edge of the tranquil village of Lochkov. The project will create 73 unique apartments on the site of a former chicory factory which was later converted into a brewery and malt house. It will offer exclusive and original living for all those who long for an exceptional apartment with unique details and an impressive atmosphere while at the same time require quiet, comfortable living in a green area, civic amenities within reach and good accessibility to the city centre. The Lochkov Lofts residential project fulfils all the above and furthermore represents a sensitive blend of historic buildings and contemporary architecture in a modern style. The project was designed by renowned Italian architect and restorer Alberto Di Stefano who specialises in the refurbishment and renovation of historic cultural and industrial buildings. The renovation of the former brewery, its two brewery towers and their characteristic brick chimneys, the location’s landmark, will carry his original signature. He sensitively combines the original industrial buildings with new modern buildings while preserving the original features as far as possible – wooden trusses and beams, reinforced concrete girders, stone masonry and baroque vaults in the oldest part of the building. The residential complex comprises a wide variety of apartments: ranging from studio flats to smaller apartments to larger apartments to very spacious maisonettes to loft flats which are characterised by airy, bright spaces with high ceilings and upper balconies. Clients therefore have a choice, for instance, between an apartment with baroque arches and exposed bricks, a loft with original stone masonry features or an apartment with uncovered reinforced concrete girders. Its essence, i.e. the renovation of an industrial building into unique living, gives the project its loft character. The architecture and atypical character of the project, coupled with the high quality of the materials used and the interior fittings and specifications, add to its exclusivity. The standards for the Lochkov Lofts project were carefully selected taking into consideration its uniqueness in such a way as to maintain the balance between the original appearance of the project and the modern interior design concept. Tried and tested high-quality materials and accessories by leading producers will be used in the project; particular attention will be paid to the precision of the construction work and craftsmanship. Therefore, clients obtain top quality at a reasonable price. The majority of apartments are equipped with a cloakroom and storage space. Some of the apartments have en-suite bathrooms which can be entered from the cloakroom. The entire Lochkov Lofts complex comprises four buildings, A to D, on a site which is approximately square-shaped in size. Building A is characterised by the current protruding brewery tower with its reinforced concrete structure and dominating brick chimney which is the highest in the complex. Building B connects buildings A and C thus creating the west-east axis. Building C incorporates a baroque tower dating from the 18th century with a lower brick chimney. Building A will undergo complete renovation, as will buildings B and C, to which modern extensions will be added. The only fully new building – building D – will be built on a vacant part of the site on the roof of the underground garage. This will visually close the entire area, creating an inner courtyard with greenery in its centre. An underground floor set aside for cellar compartments and parking will be created below the complex. Cars will enter the underground car park directly at the entrance into the complex which means that residents will not be disturbed by traffic. The layout of the entire complex is based on the architect’s aim to maintain the character of the former technical building to the maximum possible extent. The dominant towers of the brewery, with their historic chimneys on the Lochkov horizon, have predetermined efforts to respect the appearance and spirit of the building to the greatest possible extent. The apartments can be accessed via indoor stairways, lifts and corridors. Needless to say, the architect did not omit atypical features when drawing up the concept for the corridors – modern hanging steel footbridges and continuous access balconies along the southern façade and the eastern side of Building C. These features not only fulfil an architectural purpose but are also functional, connecting buildings A and C from the outside. What is common to each of the units is modern comfortable living coupled with privacy for residents. The apartments have a good layout and the majority of them have several bedrooms and bathrooms. This is appreciated in particular by large families with children because all of the family members can find a quiet spot they can call their own. Some of the residential units have terraces or loggia; select ground floor units have their own front gardens with low wooden fences. The site is naturally and sensitively bounded by fences, bushes and buildings. This quiet location and enclosed complex will therefore guarantee new inhabitants sufficient peace and quiet, privacy and security. Furthermore, there are opportunities for active relaxation and a children’s playground in very close proximity. Apartment Houses The renovated Building A offers a total of 32 apartments in 5 aboveground floors. In addition to the entrance hall and technical facilities, 6 residential units are located on the ground floor and there are 8 apartments with large windows and loggia on the eastern façade located on the first floor. The second floor with 7 apartments and one studio has a similar layout to the first. On the north side only, part of the studio is built into the existing structure of the former water reservoir supported by cantilevers. There are 9 residential units on the next floor, 8 of which are maisonettes whose upstairs rooms occupy the top floor of the building. There is only one more apartment located on the top floor. The ground floor of Building B comprises 5 studios with a simple layout: one main room and facilities. The studio ceilings are 4.4 m high and are divided by an inbuilt upper gallery. There are 2 residential units and one studio located on the first floor whose terraces extend across the roof of the ground floor studios. The second floor consists of 2 apartments and one studio and the top floor comprises 4 maisonettes. The building has a total of 15 residential units. The twelve apartments in Building C are situated as follows: 4 residential units on the ground floor in the area with the vaulted arches and arch rings, 4 apartments on the first floor and 4 on the second, one of which is designed as a maisonette with rooms in the brick tower at the south-east corner of the building. Atypical rooms will be built into the tower; these are entered by walking up several steps as they are located at a different height to storey height. The developers wanted to honour the existing location of the window openings which is why they opted for this solution. Building D, with 14 apartments in total, has 6 residential units on the ground floor, 2 of which are maisonettes with a room on the first floor. A further 4 residential units are located on the first floor, with 4 more in the attic. Some of the apartments have open terraces. Future of Lochkov With the reconstruction of the former malt house and brewery in Lochkov "life" doesn´t end. Lochkov Lofts project will become a part of the new residential complex which suburbs the beer towers. Over the next few years, an interesting apartment complex arises, combining apartments, row houses and commerce spaces, ensembled with internal gardens and courtyards, which will pass freely in the small squares and pedestrian zones. Existing civic amenities in Lochkov will be compeleted with new shops, restaurants, cafes, etc.. All social life is going to be concentrated around the existing Lochkov City Hall, where a new town centre grows up. But already the city part of Lochkov is improving the local infrastructure with the newly built tennis courts and a restaurant with a family fitness center, which are located just 2 min. walk from the project Lochkov Lofts. New Prague Bypass Those who prefer to travel by car can access Lochkov from three directions: from Strakonice via Radotín, from Plzen via the ring road and from the centre of Prague via K Barrandovu Street. Traffic congestion on the main roads in the southern part of Prague has been alleviated by the Prague ring road, which is currently under construction and is essential for the capital. In 2010 the new section of the R1 from Lahovice to Slivenec should be in operation and subsequently the connection from Lahovice via Dolní Brežany and Jesenice all the way to the D1 motorway to Brno. In this way lorry transit traffic will be directed off the Jižní Spojka ring road, therefore alleviating Barrandov Bridge and Barrandov. In the case of Lochkov this will mean considerably faster access and a better connection in the direction of Brno. The R1 Lahovice – Slivenec route has elevated crossings at Lochkov and Lahovice, a 517 metre-long bridge above the Lochkov and Slavicí valleys and the so-called Lahovice overhead above the Berounka valley. The route is primarily dominated by a bridge which runs over the river and the railway lines and leads to the Lochkov tunnel. At a height of 65 metres, it is the highest bridge in Prague. It sits on 88 pillars and is over two kilometres long. The bypass is built sufficiently far from the brewery buildings. They are also covered by trees, then people are actually surrounded by greenery. Moreover, it is also important to note that the Prague ring road has not only significantly relieve congested thoroughfares in the capital city, but also greatly simplify the access of people to Lochkov - and therefore people living in Lochkov Lofts project - to the center of our capital city. Tramway Line Extension The proposed extension of the existing tram lines Hlubocepy - Barrandov, which was opened in 11/2003, picks up on the existing stop Barrandov and continues southwest direction. It will have a length of about 1.5 km and will include a total of 3 stops with the working title Cascades, and Holyne Slivenec. Extension is completed with the new tram loop lying between Slivenec and Holyne, north of K Barrandovu St.. This tram line directly serves the first phase of the current housing estates at the end of Barrandov / residential complex Cascades /, the current residential area of Holyne and Slivenec and after completion stage of development areas consequently these newly-built-up locations . Thanks to tie-in bus connection the wider living area will be served. The main benefit of building the tram lines is to increase the quality of transport service of the territory.